D'Ann Connelly, Actor


D'ann Connelly-Actor Based In Austin and Los Angeles

D’Ann grew up on the beaches of Southern California. Obsessed with old movies, D’Ann knew she wanted to act from an early age. As a child, D’Ann trained with Tami Lynn Academy of Artists performing on stage and auditioning for film and television. After graduating from Westlake High School, D’Ann started working as an Assistant Location Manager with her first film being Terminator 2. She continued as a Union Teamster 399 Location Manager for a decade in film and television working for Universal Studios, Paramount, Sony and Warner Bros until she had her son Connor. Along with acting, D’Ann loves to exercise, hike, kayak, garden, arrange flowers, cook, play disc golf with her son and just be outdoors. 


D’Ann moved to Austin Texas during the pandemic where the film and television industry was rapidly growing and thriving. She has homes in Los Angeles and London.  D’Ann has put together an extensive resume, often playing the role of Wife/Mother of teen and young adult children. She is currently represented by The Boysen Agency in Texas and AP Management in London, seeking representation in Los Angeles and Atlanta. 


Going back to school while her son was young, she received a degree in Interior Designer and Art History starting a career as an Interior Designer.

D'Ann Connelly with son
D'Ann Connelly childhood